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For Educators: Asia Capability

The scale and pace of Asia’s transformation is unprecedented and the implications for Australia are profound. Australia’s geographic proximity, depth of skills, stable institutions and forward-looking policy settings place it in a unique position to take advantage of the growing influence of the Asian region.

Australia’s education and training systems play a fundamental role in ensuring that all Australians have the right capabilities to take advantage of the Asian century. Making sure we have world-class education is a central part of any strategy for economic success.

What is meant by “Asia capability”?

Asia capability means that every student will exit schooling in Australia with knowledge and understanding of the histories, geographies, arts and literature of the diverse countries of Asia. Asia capability is strengthened in students who also learn an Asian language.

Educators argue that to achieve the level of educational performance needed in this century Australia needs a schooling system that delivers excellent outcomes for all students from all backgrounds. In particular, organizations such as the Asia Education Foundation pursue objectives that seek to build greater levels of Asia capability in schools.

• Support teachers with curriculum resources and professional learning to teach the Australian Curriculum.
• Equip school leaders with whole school programs, networks and professional learning to develop globally competent and Asia ready students in their school
• Engage parents to explore how Asia capabilities may be essential to their child’s future.

The Australian Curriculum includes the cross-curriculum priority of Asia and Australia's engagement with Asia in every subject from Foundation to Year 12.

In the classroom this can mean that students may explore Chinese stories and poems in the English curriculum, sustainability and biodiversity of Asian rainforests in Science, mountain ranges or volcanic activity in Indonesia’s islands in Geography, Bollywood movies in Media Studies, or the Vietnam War in History.

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Access Asia Schools

To date over 500 schools around Australia have been acknowledged as Access Asia Schools, demonstrating engagement with inclusive curriculum and exemplary practice. Many participants in Zen Oriental Journeys are educators from such schools. To find out which Access Asia schools may be near you, go to

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