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Testimonials: What our customers say about us

Good practices, dedication, passion and over three decades of experience show that we are doing it right. Our focus is total customer satisfaction and an unmatched experience to locations you never thought possible. Personal and glowing feedback we receive from participants are proof that we don't just make empty promises. We deliver. Our reputation is second to none and we are proud of what we have achieved. Please read our testimonials below.

"I am sitting here at the beautiful Ngapali Beach reflecting on what has been a magnificent three week sojourn in the wonderful country that is Myanmar. I have been fortunate to travel a lot over the years, but this is way up there as one of the best trips I have ever done, so many, many thanks for all you have done to make this the special trip it has been."

"The care and attention that you put into planning the itinerary has resulted in a perfectly balanced and fascinating trip that has covered so much and yet has allowed time for reflection and to recharge the batteries. We have seen and experienced all the must do’s and have also been able to experience some more remote locations giving us a genuine insight into the lives of these gentle and very special people."

"Zaw has been an excellent guide in every way. He has proudly shown us his country and has accommodated us at every turn. So, you see, one hugely satisfied client!"

Ann, Roads to Mandalay 2016

"I think we are all home and well; probably reminiscing about your excellently arranged trip around Myanmar. The unanimous opinion was that it was beautifully choreographed by yourself and Nee Nee, with Zaw putting the extra points to our steps."

"For Therese and I, it was a lovely experience - as you've said the Myanmar people are polite, hospitable and very engaging which gave the usual travelling and sightseeing an extra fillip. The group came together extremely well, with great conversation between us all, in small groups, as couples, and enough time and comfort for anyone to take time aside for themselves. Couldn't have wished for a more companionable travelling group. The No 1 Burma trip!"

Christopher and Therese, Roads to Mandalay 2016

"Well I am sitting in our spectacular room at the Four Seasons, overlooking the beautiful river in Kyoto. Everything has gone perfectly. Our guide, Miho in Kyoto has been exceptional, and everything has run like clockwork. We loved all the temples. I especially enjoyed the 1000 Buddha temple, and the Golden Pavilion - and all the gardens are spectacular. Everything has been perfect. Thanks so much for everything. Your help has been invaluable, and the private tours worth every penny!"

Robyn, Private tour, Japan 2015

"We have never had a program of such richness and depth. This was our 4th tour of Rajasthan and it was all ‘new’, way below the surface touristy things we saw before. The tours you included in Jodphur ticked the boxes. Again the free time to explore the maze ofalley ways of the old blue town, and the market was one of highlights. We enjoyed Manvar, walks into the semi-desert. The resort organised one of the staff to take a small number of us on a walk out to his farm, and around - lovely hospitality. Udaipur via the Jain temple is a long drive, but nice scenery, we didn't arrive till dusk. But whoa! - what a collection of antiquities in the hotel and rooms. We spent most of the night visiting other' abodes to check out the decor."

Bob, Rajasthan Journey 2014

"Thank you for your lovely welcome home note and for organising such a wonderful trip. We thoroughly enjoyed the diversity of the experiences and found India to be endlessly fascinating. The surprise welcome at Mandawa was such fun. We were all grinning for a long time after that experience. The New Year's Eve dinner was wonderful. We've never seen so much food and the entertainment was sensational. The accommodation was stunning and we loved it all."

Deborah, Rajasthan Journey 2014

"The group of people were great, diverse personalities, and people with lots of knowledge and experience in Asia travel. Den and I can still not wipe the smiles from our faces!! We loved the trip and it was certainly an amazing journey and a real insight for us as to India’s vastness, diversity, complexity, interesting history, beauty, delicious food, fabulous people and much, much more! We can’t wait to meet our 3 Indian employees at work this week, and share some of our experiences and learnings. They were so excited knowing that we were visiting their country."

Pru, Rajasthan Journey 2014

"I enjoyed an exceptionally wonderful three week tour of Rajasthan in January. Our guide, Sujata, was so knowledgeable and friendly! She has a Master’s degree in Indian history and explained everything so well. Sometimes we had local guides. We often stayed in a part of a palace which has been converted into a hotel. On three occasions the Maharaja was in residence at the time! It is difficult to choose highlights because each day I thought to myself, “It can’t get better than this!” and then the next day held equally amazing sights and experiences. Your organization was outstanding."

Julie, Rajasthan Journey 2014

"It was a wonderful trip, thanks to your thorough planning and advice. Everything went smoothly and enjoyably. The accommodation was excellent. While we would profess to be seasoned travellers, we did enjoy the beautiful Burmese style hotels you so carefully chose. The only slightly less luxurious accommodation in the remote areas (another plus for your tours) still had great appeal and the owners and staff were all generous spirited. Our hosts in Mandalay put on a wonderful complimentary New Year’s Eve party for us, complete with Bing Crosby singing ‘ I‘m dreaming of a white Xmas’."

Susan, Private tour Burma 2013

"Your leadership, management and organization throughout the entire tour was simply outstanding. You are an encouraging, focused, calm, thoughtful, caring and unbelievably patient leader of people. The program you provided was unique in my (fairly wide) experience of group tours. You took us off the beaten track and introduced us to the cultures of China in a way never before experienced."

Vicki, From Shangrila to Shanghai 2009

"Thanks so much for your indefatigable sense of humour and fantastic knowledge of the temples of northern India. Your engagement with the temple priests, unbelievable knowledge of all the Hindu gods (how do your recognise them ALL) and your ability to communicate at many levels was amazing. Your leadership has been wonderful and your humanity and warmth very deep."

Mark and Sue, Linking Latitudes, Ancient Temples and Cultural Capital, India 2007

"I hope that one day I can be as knowledgeable about India as you are. Your information and presence has been a fascinating addition to an aspiring journey and this marvellous country. Your patience, understanding, knowledge and personal concern for everyone (no matter how bothersome some can be!) has been something I have found exceptional. Words cannot express the depth of my appreciation. Thank you for making this the BEST adventure ever."

Alina, Linking Latitudes, Ancient Temples and Cultural Capital, India 2007

"Your immaculate level of organization, your high level of interpersonal skills and your constant referencing of new knowledge to teaching and learning programs made the experience enriching and enjoyable."

Jude, Encounter with Korea 2005

"Lee, I wish to thank and congratulate you for your leadership and management of our Indochina Journey. Your planning and organization necessary to provide the rich focus of this program to a multi-disciplinary group of educators clearly has a complexity of itsown. The end result was a program of outstanding quality that generated high levels of interest and educational intent within the group. Your arranging of a private Cambodia Shadow-play performance, the Lao blessing ceremony and hot air lanterns released over the Mekong are testament to you deep knowledge, empathy and experience. Well done!"

Jim, Indochina Journey 2002

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